Specifically for Women

With the concern and objective to develop a performance, versatile and comfortable product, we aim to offer the best fit for women needs. The products are perfectly adapted for all conditions; from racing to casual rides to training indoors.

Respecting the “cycling code”, the PEPPERMINT products are refined, dynamic and modern and are characterized by vibrant colors, graphic prints, sophisticated and thoughtful details, optimized cut and technical fabrics.

We are very excited about the creative innovation of our 2018 collection and everything that it encompasses.

Quality Standards

Since day 1, our apparel is made locally, here in Canada. We take immense pride in doing business with local and devoted talented partners to manufacture our collections. Local production has its share of pro’s and PEPPERMINT would not exist today if it was not for the great partners that we work with.

Social responsibility, sustainability, workplace conditions, our environment and fair practices for our business partners have all been key factors integrated into PEPPERMINT’s founding values.

In the coming years, PEPPERMINT aims to expand its production capabilities to innovate constantly and to make sure the products always exceed the expectations of the women among the cycling communities around the world. Rest assured, the quality standards will always be on-point, no matter the route we take.

Size Guide w video
29.0-30.0 in
22.0-23.0 in
32.0-33.0 in
30.5-32.0 in
23.5-25.0 in
33.5-35.0 in
32.5-34.0 in
25.5-27.0 in
35.5-37.0 in
34.5-36.0 in
27.5-29.0 in
37.5-39.0 in
36.5-38.0 in
29.5-31.0 in
39.5-41.0 in
38.5-41.0 in
31.5-35.0 in
41.5-44.0 in

You would like to have a few tips regarding sizing from our team, send us a short email at info@peppermintcycling.com.


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