A Step Forward for PEPPERMINT Cycling Co.

Montreal, January 2019 - MtnDewds Distribution Inc., parent company of Canadian outerwear brand Orage, proudly announces the integration of PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. a Canadian cycle wear brand for women.

After only three years of activity, PEPPERMINT has had an incredible impact in the women’s cycling industry” remarks Eric D’Anjou, head of MtnDewds and new majority shareholder in PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. The strong and inclusive message of the company has allowed PEPPERMINT to stay ahead of the competition. PEPPERMINT has been among the first by daring to offer a unique collection of cycle wear that meets the demand of active women.

PEPPERMINT and Orage are like-minded companies who share common values, brand vision and an active target market. We’re proud and enthusiasm to have found a partner that also puts the experience at the centre of their business model and above all, that believes in what we have built and in the direction we are heading,” mentions Véronik, PEPPERMINT Co-founder.

The new venture will be in full effect as soon as spring 2019. MtnDewds will oversee all aspects of back office, allowing the PEPPERMINT leadership team to focus on the brand, product development and business objectives.


PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. was created in 2015 by Michèle and Véronik Bastien, and were joined shortly after by Laurier Balthazard. Co-founders will keep the strategic leadership, as well as a stake in the company they founded. "We have built a brand by surrounding ourselves with great people, doing things differently and breaking the pattern in an industry mostly led by tradition, and this new partnership is entirely aligned with this business vision. In the seasonal apparel business, investing in product innovation, fuelling growth all while financing the inventory is a real challenge. We always knew at a certain point we would need a strategic partner to back our fast growing plan," says Michèle.

MtnDewds, an investment company headed by Eric D’Anjou, Co-founder of renowned Canadian active lifestyle brands Orage and Lolë, plans to leverage Orage’s 30 years of know-how to fast track the company’s development in new markets and new product categories, especially lifestyle and active wear products that will complement the brand’s core cycling offer.

Working in close partnership with Orage’s product team is an incredible opportunity for us. They have been leaders in developing innovative and functional mountain wear for years, and we’re excited to push our product development to another level in an environment where fashion and function have always coexisted as the priority," adds Laurier.

PEPPERMINT will keep its roots in Mont-Tremblant and will have a new storefront in Montreal opening in April 2019 (with the launch of the 2019 Spring Summer Collection). We are excited to see what the future holds for PEPPERMINT and we are looking forward to this new chapter.

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