Taking care of your bike with MINT'N DRY.

Rain or shine, our bikes are part of our daily lives, whether it’s getting from A to B, shredding down some trails or exploring a city. They've become an extension of ourselves, so much that they and even follow us on our adventures around the world.

Just like us, our bikes brave all kinds of weather, regularly receiving mud baths, they accumulate dirt of a busy day riding. Just as a shower is essential after a ride, our machine also needs a little love to preserve its original condition and mechanical performance.

Taking care of your bike has never been easier than with MINT'N DRY's no-rinse cleaning routine: three quick and easy steps that will have your bike shining in just a few minutes!

For those who are visual learners, each step is accompanied by a YouTube video that illustrates exactly how to proceed.

We recommend doing this cleaning routine whenever your mechanism is showing apparent signs of dirt (blackened or noisy cassette and chain). By incorporating this routine into your practice on a regular basis, you'll prevent premature wear and tear of your bike, and increase your fun while riding. These three quick and easy steps only require MINT'N DRY products and microfibre cloths, making them the ideal routine for cleaning your bike wherever you are!

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