June 07, 2018

Montreal, Quebec

I am a young cyclist and engineer! I love sports and adventures. I did a lot of swimming and skiing competitions when I was younger. I love the great outdoors (hiking, camping), and above all, I love being outside close to nature! When I first rode my road bike, it was love at first sight! Since then, I continue to appreciate the feeling of freedom that riding gives me, the feeling that everything is possible while watching beautiful landscapes pass by. It feels like stress just disappears, leaving me with the simple joy of riding! I also do a lot of yoga (yoga teacher diploma on the way!), and I find the same feeling of serenity and well-being during a ride than I do during a yoga class. It is a real pleasure to ride in the present moment! I started riding 2 years ago, and I can’t believe everything cycling has brought me: extraordinary friendships, hilarious laugh sessions, the desire to travel with my bike, the desire to know my region better, the desire to protect our beautiful environment, a better physical and mental health and incredible exchanges.

Plus, in the cycling world, we meet a lot of other cyclists very quickly, and beautiful friendships are built on two wheels. Riding with a group, enables us to push our limits, and to always go a little bit further. It also teaches us respect and solidarity. What a wonderful lesson of life! On two wheels, there is no age and gender, it’s the love of cycling that gathers us all.

I am a very curious and smiling person. Everywhere I go, people say I am a real sunshine because I am always positive and full of energy. I always want to invest myself in projects that are in line with my values. I think that PEPPERMINT and I share the same vision of what cycling should be. I want to spread this vision in order to touch the largest number of women, because the more we are, the more we laugh, the more we share, the more we shine and the more we inspire other women to join the movement! :)




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