June 24, 2017

Montreal, Quebec

I simply love cycling ! For me, cycling is much more than just a sport that allows me to stay active and healthy, it is part of my lifestyle and I use it for many purposes ; to physically push my limits, to keep fit, to escape reality and let go of the stress of the week, to share good times with friends, to support causes that are important to me and, of course, to allow me to network.

Over the years, I developed my network by, among other things, participating in cycling events and by being part of cycling associations that allowed me to meet many people and create strong relationships. When you are wearing cycling jerseys and shorts, you quickly talk about anything else but work, and relationships are easily created. Recently, I discovered cyclo-tourism. I had the chance to tour by bike the beautiful region of Tuscany, in Italy, in October 2016. It was an unforgettable experience. The coastal landscapes, the good wine and pasta, the people – Italy by bike was love at first sight!

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

I am a chartered accountant in an accounting firm in Montreal and I offer forensic accounting services – I mainly do financial fraud investigations. I am a young and ambitious professional with a strong interest for business development. As much as my career is important, I also need to escape my daily grind! My bike is more than welcome after a busy day or week.

I can’t wait to make PEPPERMINT products travel throughout Quebec and even in other countries in future bike trips and to share my PEPPERMINT experience through my network of active professionals.




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