June 14, 2018

Montreal, Quebec

My bike has always been my main means of transportation. I am one of those people who took some time before getting my licence. It is when I registered for my first triathlon at Tremblant 3 years ago that cycling became more than just a means of transportation. I knew how to run, I loved swimming, and I was convinced that I knew how to pedal. With time, I realized that cycling had everything I was looking for in a sport : endurance, mental strength and above all, a sport that takes shape with a team. Quickly, my solo training sessions were replaced by group rides. Duplessis is a nice alone ride, but the more the merrier! It’s by participating to sports events such as the 48h ride for Make a Wish or the Boucle that I discovered the massive cycling community. My bike, this simple means of transportation quickly became my passion.

« Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it,” Paulo Coelho.

Always categorized as THE sporty girl of the group, I always practised multiple sports. As a teen, my time was shared between national riding competitions and alpine skiing races. Since Quebec adopted me eight years ago, sport has become an opportunity for me to discover Montreal and its surroundings. Whether it is to go skiing, hiking, wakeboarding, paddling or climbing, any excuse is good to go on an adventure with friends. Traveller at heart, my next challenge will be to explore a part of the world on my bike. In only 3 years, I discovered more of Quebec on my saddle than the previous 5 years. While travelling, cycling allows an extra dose of freedom ; we become masters of our itinerary.

As a PEPPERMINT ambassador, I will challenge myself to gather as many people as possible. Most of the women I meet have been influenced by a friend, a boyfriend, a brother, a father, just like me. The goal is to give confidence to these women and more specifically to make accessible the sport that changed my life. I believe that by joining forces with an inspiring brand such as PEPPERMINT, we are able to create a movement that makes us proud to belong to this community of equally inspiring women!




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