La remarquable force des femmes

En tant qu'entreprise fondée par des femmes et, encore à ce jour, majoritairement opérée par des femmes, rien ne nous fait plus plaisir que de découvrir des récits inspirants de femmes prenant leur place de pied ferme pour vivre leur passion. Voici une histoire qui, nous l’espérons, vous aimerez découvrir autant que nous.

Pour l’émancipation des femmes

We were so inspired by Sofia, Jovita and Rita’s stories that we couldn’t help but jump on the opportunity to join forces with these determined entrepreneurs in the name of women empowerment and create a unique blend in collaboration with Café Hubert Saint-Jean.

To further our commitment towards women empowerment, all proceeds from the sale of the Peppermint coffee will be donated to the non-profit organization Mères avec pouvoir, “whose mission is to promote the optimal development and well-being of low- and moderate-income single mothers and their child(ren) from birth to age five in order to ensure their social and professional integration.”

Women can do it all, and together, from Guatemala to Montreal, we aim to inspire women to pursue their passion, whatever it may be.

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