June 24, 2018


Having fallen in love with cycling almost five years ago now, it’s only recently that I discovered group rides and my motivation to ride has considerably increased! The PEPPERMINT Bikefest was a golden opportunity for me to ride with friends and discover a community of extraordinary women who share the same passion as me. Although solo rides are part of my routine and allow me to ride at my own pace, it is important for me to join group rides because they offer many benefits that you don’t get with solo rides:

Be Part of the Community

Good news: the wonderful women’s cycling community is growing and thriving! Organized rides are an excellent way to meet the community and to become a part of it. On a bike, strangers become friends.

Combine Social Life and Training

Our lives are active, our minds are loaded and our days are super busy! It is often social life or training that goes out the window when we get overwhelmed. Personally, I love doing a two-for-one by going for a ride with friends or a group because group rides easily allow a good catching up with friends while meeting new people while getting a good training!

Give Yourself an Extra Dose of Motivation

There are always ups and downs when it comes to training motivation (it’s normal!). A good way to keep up with your training is to participate in group rides (like PEPPERMINT’s rides) and to add them to your schedule. When it’s planned, chances are you will hop on your bike and go for a ride! 

Surpassing Oneself

Personally, riding with people that are stronger than me gives me the extra push I need to surpass myself (yes... I do have a competitive side)! For example, if a friend climbs faster than me, I will give everything I have to try and get on top of the hill before her! Getting out of your comfort zone is an excellent way to better your cycling performances.

Develop New Abilities

To ride in a group allows you to develop new abilities that are not necessary when riding alone. Just to name a few, the drafting technique, the different signals, the reflexes and the transitions can only be worked on in a group.  

Ride Longer Without Getting Tired

Drafting is so worth it! Riding behind the wheel of another cyclist allows you to save up on your energy level, meaning you can ride faster for the same level of energy spent. It’s a winning formula for long rides because together, we can go further.

Discover New Places

We all have our routine, our usual weekly rides, our favourites. Why not share them? Break the patternand change your scenery! Riding with other leaders is also exploring their favourite routes and discovering places you never thought existed!

Get Some Tips From Experimented Cyclists

Organized rides are often the occasion to ride with more experienced cyclists and even with cyclists that are part of a racing team! Cyclists can benefit from tips and tricks for all things technical, training, bike maintenance, etc.

After Ride

Beer, food, ice cream, hot chocolate, anything! A group after ride is unbeatable to congratulate, unwind, chat and have fun.

That’s it! If you are still not convinced, you will have to come out and try! Simply follow the PEPPERMINT Cycling Club on Stravato learn about rides near you. There are rides all over Canada, organized by amazing PEPPERMINT ambassadors: casual rides, training, short, long, there is something for everyone!


This summer, Let’s Ride together!

Joannie Desroches, proud ambassador of the PEPPERMINT Collective


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